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All wrapped up

As an intermission from the landscape design that we are installing (because the electrical and plumbing parts are not pretty and you don't want to see photos of holes in the dirt) here is what I have been doing.

I really like that I can wire wrap in the truck on the way to work. Everything is connected so there are not loose beads to get lost, which is a major bonus. Plus, I have about an hour a day that I can use that way.

So this is one finished project. It takes a while to get everything in just the right spot and know that it is actually going to work. I have a few that are unfinished because I got stuck somewhere.

The center of the heart pendant has a perfect little Peridot gemstone. It's not easy to find fantastic Peridot but I got lucky at a gemshow and found a few in a strand that I bought. I also decided that if someone is going to purchase a more expensive item from me, they will be wanting a nice jewelry box, so I got a few of those too.

This heart is one of the ones that I am stuck on. I want to add gemstones but have yet to know exactly what I want to do. It will come to me.

In the meantime, I am making gemstones on a chain. They are really classic looking and easy to wear. I made myself a shaded grossular (green) garnet necklace that I have been wearing almost every day.

Following are some that are still available for sale :) I have also been working on some bolder pieces as I have heard people wanting to see more bold necklaces in my shop... To me "bold" means both larger beads, more contrast, and more drama. So I came up with these:

Heck, most of these are still available so if you see something you want, don't hesitate to get it :)

A proper entry

A proper entry for a beautiful private garden. Constructed post on pipe so that over time if the posts need to be replaced, they can be easily. The full 3/4 inch cedar boards were sustainably caught... quite literally. They were washed up from storm felled trees along the Stillaguamish River and naturally wind felled. It's a very limited supply for such special materials, but makes a great quality fence.

A large main gate provides entry from the drive, and two adjacent gates hide the trash and recycle from view on both sides. A must to keep a garden looking tidy is keeping unsightly cans hidden.

Wanna see a before and after? There will be more of these at the end, but this one is pretty fun to see. After we constructed the new fence, we were able to tear down the old one which added a ton of new space to the garden.

Here is the before, with the old fence surrounding what used to be a gigantic unused circular driveway. It also has a precious Clematis Montana that is being saved for relocation, so that is still visible in the after photos...

Tada! Now that is a good sized garden. We will build a large entertaining deck next, so stay tuned for more fun photos :)