My Favorite Things - Homemade Caramels and Marshmallows

Extraordinary Vanilla Marshmallows by Have It Sweet
Have you ever had homemade marshmallows? Chances are, you haven't.  I hadn't before I purchased some from Have It Sweet on Etsy.  Because I love lemon, I purchased the lemon swirl flavor but she has so many others.

In addition to the fluffy sweet goodness of marshmallows, there is also caramel.  Oh caramel!
You have not had caramel the same way you have not had marshmallows!

These would make a great gift (for me) and are available shipped monthly to your (or my) door if you choose to participate in an of the month club. These would be great for Valentines day too, be sure to take a peek for some sweets for your sweet ones.

Drunken Salted Pecan Turtle Caramel Bars by Have It Sweet
Everything is handmade to order with exceptional quality ingredients  in a licensed commercial kitchen.  They came beautifully packaged too, like the lovely gifts that they are.

If there are other people living in your home and you don't plan to share these, do have a good hiding spot.  If you don't have a hiding spot, get a few selections.

We chose the Fleur de Sel along with my marshmallows and it was gone much too quickly. Next time I want to get the Drunken Salted Pecan Turtle Caramel Bars and the French Pistachio Nougat.

My Favorite Things - handmade cotton napkins

Oprah has her favorite things, so why can't I?  Granted, you have to purchase these yourself, but the majority of them will be from small business hand makers so you can feel great about where your money is going.

I'll be adding new lovely favorite things as I see fit.  These are all things I have personally used, so it's a bit of a product review too.

Unpaper Towels, eco friendly napkins from LoveForEarth

These eco-friendly napkins made of 100% cotton and perfect for everyday use.  They are a great replacement of standard throw away napkins and help save space in the cabinets too.  Not only are these great for adults but they can teach little ones the value of reusing materials rather than the waste created with a disposable society.  Just toss them in the wash (yes you can bleach them if needed) and the kids can help with folding when they are clean.

Get them on Etsy from favorite seller LoveForEarth.  While there, take the opportunity to check out the other great handmade and reusable products offered. There are sandwich baggies, produce bags too, which I also have that are great for farmers markets!