I decorated :)

Now send presents!
Strategically cropped to hide the rest of the room for ... no reason at all, it's pristine ;)

Baby it's cold outside...

We are not doing much, so more chilly photos for you. The pond is bringing all kinds of birds since there are not many fresh water sources around in these constant freezing temps. We keep the pump running and a heater coil just warm enough to keep the pond from icing over completely.

Snappin n' Chillin

Frosty is on the way and he's nippy, but leaves a nice sparkle.

Pearl Sale on now!

Click on the pretty pearls to shop!

I finally have them all listed for your perusal, all at 20% off. I concentrated on getting a few of some favorite colors in nice grades rather than many in few colors, because I love the colors! This year I should be able to acquire a more regular stock of freshwater pearls assuming they sell as well as I hope they should. Thanks to all for your patience and support!

Found, coin pearls in a nice grade, larger bright color freshwater.... sadly, there were no druzy pearls as requested. I go back in March for more!