I don't know what it was like for most people to get started doing craft shows.... but it's exciting and scary all rolled into one for me!  I don't typically feel shy (and sometimes I don't shut up, case and point:  this blog) around people most of the time and when I know what I am doing, nerves are not an issue either.  

However... I'm not sure I know what I am doing.  The money part is not an issue, I can count well having been trained as a teller and vault cashier (Is money dirty, heck yeah, and it stinks) and I know how to manage plastic.  
Side note:  For those who want to take CC's in person, do check out  I'm hoping for awesome things and lots of credit card sales!

The hardest part is the transit of the booth setup (er... just tables so far, no tent yet) that allows me to transport everything I need in a single load.  It also must fit easily and quickly into a VW New Beetle...  So I am crafting a display setup and have decided on a subdued color pallet of creamy white and soft celadon greens (♥ celadon).  So far I have compiled an assortment of unique and decorative bordered picture frames, mostly from Value Village because frames are pricey (and I don't want to paint nice ones)!  I plan to paint them a soft flat white and center them with batted (that's cushiony underneath) fabric over sturdy cardboard and cork.  Then hopefully (if all that works) I can pin up some select pieces of jewelry. 
 All the frames will be arranged on a vertical base (I'm thinking fireplace screen) so that everything is at about eye level.  Having different levels and vertical surfaces allows more display space... although there is such a thing as too much for the eye to handle...  I know there is some psychology behind it too.

I've also collected a  selection of fabrics (also Value Village) that range from shower curtains to sheets to pillow cases to drape over the table and hide all the unmentionables.
So far, that is where I am.  I also need to think about getting a smallish box that is open on the back side so I can stash my latte, calculator and other work necessities.  It will be a riser from the front and a useful space from the back.  

Time to find some paint! 

I know, I know! Long time no free stuff!

Dearest peeps, it's been a very very long time.

Might I encourage you back for a little with some free beads?
Maybe you prefer free jewelry?
A little of both?

Drop a comment and let me know!