How many Rum Balls, is too many Rum Balls?

The Christmas shopping (crafting etc.) is complete. Although I do have a tendency to add additional little bits and pieces to the gift's. We started baking a couple of days ago and passed out all but a couple of the goody bags to friends and neighbors. James made some dark chocolate crinkles which baked up with pretty little snow capped tops. As is customary, I had to take a photo. He also made his Chocolate Oatmeal Crispy Chewies (which I just love right out of the oven), and extra rummy rum balls ,yummie!. I made some glazed lemon lavender breads and crazy chewy popcorn balls.

As we "speak" James is in the kitchen making an Apple Pie. I'm going to make some Italian Chocolate Bread when he is done.

Tomorrow we will get up early and go to the Young's to visit and pass out gifts and eat too much. Then we have to book it home to feed the cats and drop off gifts and pick up gifts and food. After that we will go to Grandmas for the usual dinner and gift exchange. I hope I didn't forget anything....

Because I am pretty sure that Krista (and other peeps) will not be perusing this website tonight, I am posting the gift photos. I started making pillows for Krista in 2006. It is still on her wish list, and I had all the fabric and trim that I needed to make them, so I finally completed 3. On the forth one, the needle broke. So, three it is.

The teaser photo from an earlier post is revealed here. Several weeks ago I asked my mom what she wanted as a gift. She said nonchalantly, "mittens". I don't know if she remembers or not. I asked this because her list seems to always consist of random non-gift type items such as: undergarments, socks, shampoo, etc.

A couple of weeks ago when we had the knitting get together I taught her how to knit in K2P2 ribbing. She doesn't know that she is making a scarf to match her gloves. Maybe I will let her choose the color next time, because I'm pretty sure it is not her favorite... there's always next year.
I did make some lip balm this year. It was rather easy once all the proper tools and ingredients were obtained. The hard part was finding them, which I would not have been able to do without the internet. Its peppermint and has a very subtle feel, applies thinly that is.

Dad gets a hat that I am not sure will fit... made with donated yarn from Krista. I am working on another hat of my own design (it's a 2 needle hat since I don't have the right sized circulars). I'll try to remember to post a photo.

I also plan on making a gift for Maggie. She would like a little blanket to sleep on so that the chair doesn't get so hairy. Luckily she is not expecting it to be on time for Christmas. Rocky gets to play in the paper when we are done unwrapping.

Pretty little beads

So I have been working on photographing my beads. It seems to be harder to shoot jewelry than other stuff. I cut up a cardboard box to try to make a light tent. It worked kinda. What was even better was using one of those plastic clothing bins with the semi-clear sides. After I was satisfied with that, I kept trying to find a good background for the beads.... this is the photo that I got after a few days of fiddling.

I think it looks good, but I can only take little tiny photos because I am using the back of a black CD as the background. What I want is some Black Ice, or white ice....

I have been looking around for something that would work and I cannot find anything glossy enough. I might just splurge someday if I start selling on the net and buy something. I also want a bust... the kind you display jewelry on. Don't be rude.

So, aside from working on the Ginkgo newsletter, and knitting, and making cards (hurry up), that I what I have been doing.

HEY! Anyone want to buy custom beaded jewelry, let me know. It's a good idea!

Knitting with the peeps...

So, there was tea and goodies, thanks all for visiting.

I only got a couple rounds of the sock done. However, Shelley learned to cast on and K2, P2 ribbing, as did mom. Very exciting, now you know how to fish!

I'll see how far they get.

I have decided to start another project for someone who shall remain nameless. It is another project that I cannot put up until after Christmas. I will be using some of the yarn from Krista. There is much work to be done. So I had better get on with it!