A good way to start advertising for little cost...

So for those who do not already know, I started a little group. It's not an official Etsy Team as I don't see a need for that. It's basically a way for me, and others to share what we have learned about selling and buying online.

The most recent post is about advertising with Project Wonderful. So, go check it out! Follow for fun things to do, or become a member (it's free) and share with us for inside information and to contribute to the group yourself.

The Awesome Chicks of Etsy, What is Project Wonderful blog post is here.

A big thanks to all my followers!

The things Google finds for me....

So, many of you know, because I stalk your blogs too, that I stalk myself. I talk about this plenty. Usually the info that I get on my Google Alerts is pretty regular, must are notifications of blog rolls when I update my own shop.

Occasionally though I get one that makes me giddy. This is one such alert.

Stampin with Stacey
Stacey Schafer from Petersburg, IL has this great scrapping blog. She draws her inspiration from the colors in jewelry and creates wonderful cards using that inspiration. And what fun to participate in!
Thanks Stacey and everyone, great cards!

This one is by Teresa Kline, cool huh!?
Here is her blog Enjoy the Va Sunshine

Happy Inauguration Day!

It was a very foggy morning and I awoke much earlier than I normally would. It was a great sunshine morning and there were the tiniest drops of water suspended in the air all around... It lasted for about 5 minutes, just long enough to capture a few photos. So this is our neighboring forest of trees during sunup through the fog.
Little decorations...

Got 5 minutes?

No kidding! It works.... We subscribe to the Mother Earth News magazine (we plant trees, and we hug them) and they have some great articles about all kinds of handy, good to know information.
So we baked a simple bread recipe (it is reeeeallly easy! no kneeding or anything) and it worked and we, well, I was amazed. Cause I have always been kneading and pressing and rising and punching and waiting and slicing.... and on an on and 8 hours later, a loaf of bread.

So these authors broke it down to the simplest ingredients, yeast, flour and water. It makes a wet dough that you keep in the fridge and just pull out what you need for a daily loaf. Set it on a pizza peel (or a floured surface that you can slide it off into the oven) and let it set for about 20 minutes. Preheat the oven for 20 minutes (we have a breadstone and a pan for a cup of water in there with it) and after 20 minutes, add a cup of water to the pan and slide the bread onto the stone. Get this, that's it! 30 minutes later you have a beautifully crusty loaf of fresh bread!

We have not purchased bread this year at all. We bought the book and it has tons of recipes and alterations for things like cinnamon rolls...all from that basic starter dough.

Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. It's true.

My mind is in the zen gutter...

A little more progress on the pergola. It withstood the weight of the foot of snow easily. No problem at all. It actually would have been a great place to take jewelry photos except for the whole below freezing (and me being a wuss) issue. We are thawed out now, and the pergola has been outfitted with a hand split bamboo gutter.

Just today we got a nice copper rain chain with cute little flower type basket things to put in that hole and drain into a pottery basin. I'll get another picture so you can see it, but this is what we have so far.

I just had to take this little art shot of the leaves atop the pergola roof. I like the leaves, they make the whole area beneath the pergola glow with color.

Have not had enough of the pergola? Here are all the posts and progress of construction http://liciapots.blogspot.com/search/label/pergola Start at the bottom if you want to go in order of time. :)

Awesome Chicks of Etsy

I started something... see, I was in chat (as is common) and talking about how I don't really get dressed anymore or go outside or eat or pee. Okay I do all those things. I get dressed, and go outside to get the EtsyMail. I still pee too cause it's one of those things. TMI?

Anyway, I kinda started a group based around the whole chatting in your jammies theme. I call us the Awesome Chicks of Etsy...and the initiation is that members have to photo themselves (even if it is just their feet or something) in their jammies. Right away there were members taking photos, ready to be seen in jammies! I was a little surprised but got to thinking, this could be a really good informative blog about how me and others have learned to run an Etsy shop!
That is how this all started... and that is what I want it to be about. Someplace fun where people can share information about how to become successful selling handmade items and supplies on Etsy (and beyond).

Follow us, or join in the fun, it's up to you. Followers will be entertained with useful posts and links to great information already online. Members will be encouraged to create their own articles, and we will choose among them to feature on the Awesome Chicks of Etsy blog. And hey, we take Roosters too! Just get those PJ photos ready and join in!

I'm ready to share what I have learned about selling on online! I look forward to hearing what my fellow founding authors have learned as well!



It's wet here... bring a boat.Deschutes River

Dead End.... no shooting.

NO parking this side of street...

NO tresspassing, private drive (doubles as boat launch)

No pizza delivery tonight honey...

We took a trip to Olympia on Thursday. Interstate 5 was open as far as we needed to go, although there were some lane closures since the road was half lake in some spots. The reason we went to Olympia, my sister signed to buy a house that day! My sister, bought a house! Her house is at the top of a hill, smart move in this area. (It's not the one in the photo, I should clarify. Hers is an itty bitty fixer with some "unusual" characteristics that she owns now. It's cute though, and I am her new fixer upper helper. There will be photos, you can bet :)