My mind is in the zen gutter...

A little more progress on the pergola. It withstood the weight of the foot of snow easily. No problem at all. It actually would have been a great place to take jewelry photos except for the whole below freezing (and me being a wuss) issue. We are thawed out now, and the pergola has been outfitted with a hand split bamboo gutter.

Just today we got a nice copper rain chain with cute little flower type basket things to put in that hole and drain into a pottery basin. I'll get another picture so you can see it, but this is what we have so far.

I just had to take this little art shot of the leaves atop the pergola roof. I like the leaves, they make the whole area beneath the pergola glow with color.

Have not had enough of the pergola? Here are all the posts and progress of construction Start at the bottom if you want to go in order of time. :)


UberArt said...

I love the shot of the leaves, that is so pretty! Your pergola is coming along nicely!

littlepapoose said...

looking good! and beautiful shot of the leaves as well! :)

beadworkbyamanda said...

I love the leaves!

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