Tips from a new mama - have cradle, will travel

So we have been a little busy this year.  Eventually I do want to write about Koa's journey but for the time being a few things I have learned these last 4 weeks.  A few little tips and tidbits that were not necessarily in the vast array of books that I read.  In no particular order either, because life doesn't go in any kind of order any longer for us.

One of my favorite things is the little cradle on wheels.  The cradle is borrowed from family and we had a base with good quality caster wheels put on the bottom.  This allows us to have him in any room we need (granted, this will not work so well if you have stairs).  Baby essentials can be moved around with baby on the little shelf.
 To keep baby centered and prevent him from rolling around I have placed some rolls of blankets beneath the mattress.  This also works if I want to have him on a slight incline.  Remembering that he will just scootch down and he needs a little roll under his tuckus to keep that from happening.
 Newborn essentials can tucked between the side of the mattress and the bumper guards.  A thermometer is a must (and actually, I like the simple little digital one, placed under the armpit till it beeps, 36.5 - 37.5 Celsius is the ideal baby temp) until they can regulate their own temp.  Koa needed quite a few warm blankets for the first two weeks.  Now that winter is on the way it's nice to have those warmer ones donated by some special friends. ♥

We bundle him burrito style (take a lesson from the hospital nurses, they do amazing wraps!) so he cannot startle himself awake and stays nice and cozy just like in the womb (be it dryer) and then tuck a second blanket no higher than his chest and secure the edges into his cradle.  Now, those feet can still get the blankets off most times... but it works for a little while anyway.

I also transport a little "travel" changing kit with him too, a couple extra diapers, wipes and a pee pee pad (or the changing pad that came with your diaper bag) so I don't have to always go back to the nursery to change him.

That's it for now, more sporadic posts as we are able.