Okay Houdini, get outta this!

So the fence part is done, next up is the gate. This is not your average fence.
There is no under.

OMG, Dont' Move!

There is a giant frog above you!
This little guy (and many of his friends) like to frequent our courtyard. They have never attached themselves to our screen to watch So You Think You Can Dance before though.

Fall color in a maturing garden install.

More in the life of a landscaper. It's been very wet these days as fall is coming on strong in the Northwest.

We are back at a clients garden we installed a few years ago to add a short doggie/baby fence. All of the gardens are carefully thought out to give great color year round and plenty of interest. This garden is one of my favorites. Someday hopefully, I want as much color in my own as yet unfinished garden.
Red door, yes please!

Another great thing about this one is the sweet smell it has. There are some great Daphne bushes in full blossom that smell wonderfully sweet, as well as a Katsura tree that smells like carmelizing sugar as the leaves turn and drop for the season. This garden has year round color that just brightens up the whole area!
I would sit out on the porch with the morning paper (laptop version) and a latte. As a bonus, they have a great local coffee shop just a few blocks away. What a lovely view to enjoy.
And for the full effect, above shows the after, and below is where we started...

Completion of a Landscape Design Installation by Ginkgo Landscape Design

Thanks to all who have been following the landscape design installation. I'll update the photos of the growth progress next year when we do our spring maintenance. For the time being, here are photos of where we started, and where we ended up.

Above: This photo shows the before of the garden when it was an unused circular driveway (the following photo reveals the after shot from the same location). The garage door was on the outside of the fence line. What could be much more usable space has been reclaimed for the homeowners as a deck, pathway, several trellises and irrigated garden space. In addition they have a circular patio and raised planter and a vegetable trellis behind the garage.

A little perspective before completion:

Afters: below

for more progress photos and other landscape installation photos click here
For the time being, this garden is to be continued as this was the first stage (25% completed) in a full garden renovation. More next year ;)

Irrigation testing

Tomorrow is likely the last day for the landscape we have been installing. (We are landscape designers and installers for a living.) Today was the irrigation test. It works. We flushed out the system which results in several "fountains" about the garden before the hoses are plugged and the water is routed to the drippers (or sprayers in the veg/herb planters).It's fun to watch the water after sooo much dusty dry dirt. Of course tomorrow there will be another pile for us in the staging area. This time the final mulch application and then it's all for the clients to enjoy. And, we get a rest.

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