Fall color in a maturing garden install.

More in the life of a landscaper. It's been very wet these days as fall is coming on strong in the Northwest.

We are back at a clients garden we installed a few years ago to add a short doggie/baby fence. All of the gardens are carefully thought out to give great color year round and plenty of interest. This garden is one of my favorites. Someday hopefully, I want as much color in my own as yet unfinished garden.
Red door, yes please!

Another great thing about this one is the sweet smell it has. There are some great Daphne bushes in full blossom that smell wonderfully sweet, as well as a Katsura tree that smells like carmelizing sugar as the leaves turn and drop for the season. This garden has year round color that just brightens up the whole area!
I would sit out on the porch with the morning paper (laptop version) and a latte. As a bonus, they have a great local coffee shop just a few blocks away. What a lovely view to enjoy.
And for the full effect, above shows the after, and below is where we started...


Lrc said...

Lovely fall colors! your house is wonderful and nice job with picking the plants

José said...


Really nice place to live.

Best regards,


burrito said...

wow. that is a jaw dropping before and after. well done!!