Completion of a Landscape Design Installation by Ginkgo Landscape Design

Thanks to all who have been following the landscape design installation. I'll update the photos of the growth progress next year when we do our spring maintenance. For the time being, here are photos of where we started, and where we ended up.

Above: This photo shows the before of the garden when it was an unused circular driveway (the following photo reveals the after shot from the same location). The garage door was on the outside of the fence line. What could be much more usable space has been reclaimed for the homeowners as a deck, pathway, several trellises and irrigated garden space. In addition they have a circular patio and raised planter and a vegetable trellis behind the garage.

A little perspective before completion:

Afters: below

for more progress photos and other landscape installation photos click here
For the time being, this garden is to be continued as this was the first stage (25% completed) in a full garden renovation. More next year ;)


Waterrose said...

How beautiful....wish you were closer to me I would definitely hire you to help me with my landscaping.

Licia said...

Thanks Waterrose, that's nice of you to say.

We realize after studying for regional conditions and learning several hundred+ plants that we can now never move. Not that we have any inclination after several generations living here. I'm anxious to see them grow and look forward to the springtime rounds of maintenance on our designs.