Pretty little beads

So I have been working on photographing my beads. It seems to be harder to shoot jewelry than other stuff. I cut up a cardboard box to try to make a light tent. It worked kinda. What was even better was using one of those plastic clothing bins with the semi-clear sides. After I was satisfied with that, I kept trying to find a good background for the beads.... this is the photo that I got after a few days of fiddling.

I think it looks good, but I can only take little tiny photos because I am using the back of a black CD as the background. What I want is some Black Ice, or white ice....

I have been looking around for something that would work and I cannot find anything glossy enough. I might just splurge someday if I start selling on the net and buy something. I also want a bust... the kind you display jewelry on. Don't be rude.

So, aside from working on the Ginkgo newsletter, and knitting, and making cards (hurry up), that I what I have been doing.

HEY! Anyone want to buy custom beaded jewelry, let me know. It's a good idea!

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