I decorated :)

Now send presents!
Strategically cropped to hide the rest of the room for ... no reason at all, it's pristine ;)


Webster said...

The only thing that is missing is the fire in the fireplace. Oh, and the topper on the tree! Run out of lights, did we?

Really, the room looks very festive. Nice job.

Licia said...

:) Thanks Lori!
We have actually never had a topper... Turns out we are picky, who would have known?!

Oddly enough, that fireplace sucks heat out of the room like you would not believe. We light it during events for the pretty factor but it is always covered when not in use. The cover gets removed for photo shoots :)

UberArt said...

So pretty! I especially love the lights over the mantle!

Flowerleaf said...

A lot of toppers suck...I am not too fond of the one we have now, but oh well!

I love the look of your fireplace and it's decorated all purdy! Our fireplace does the same thing so we hardly ever use ours either.

Hope you have an awesome Christmas! :-D