Natural Diversity, very cool.

We recently had a period of cold weather, the kind that freezes things. As part of this years freezing process we transferred the goldfish from the little water basin in the courtyard into the large water pond (where their long lost family had been residing) behind the house.

When things were frozen over we found that the pond in the back had one of the few sources of fresh running water. The pump is always on to keep the natural processes going in the pond as it supports itself with little to no help from us. The fish sustain themselves with the plants and insects that end up in the pond.

We usually get visitors such as raccoons, cats, crows, and a bunch of other birds including woodpeckers. When the ice formed this year and only a few places for fresh water were left to choose from there were a bunch of more rare birds that came to enjoy a sip.

The diversity here is so much more impressive than when we lived in the city.

This year a Red Tailed hawk visited us, and it was awesome. I got a quick photo thru our dirty windows.


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niftyknits said...

wow indeed! We had a sparrowhawk one day - sadly (or happily?) it was lunching on a bird that had just been feeding from our bird table. So we'd sort of fed two birds at once. Great sight though.

Licia said...

All part of the process :) Gotta love it, lol