Round about creation...

Okay, I have actually completed my first little rounds beadwoven necklace. I am off work for a while so it went rather quickly. I also made myself some earrings that I like so much I am ordering some special sterling silver earwires. I am getting them from Duet who sells fantastic items on etsy. I had purchased some earrings from her and was so amazed at the quality that I will be getting my earwires from her also.

So, without further ado, this is the necklace as seen on this listing that you can buy here! Or, if you like it you can heart it and tell all your beady eyed friends.

I also have something else listed with the same little rounds, in a slightly different style for those who are less flamboyant about their beads.

This "sunshine" is a piece that I made for the latest EtsyRain challenge entitled "the Ever-Elusive Pacific NW Sun!"

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Kayce said...

I love your challenge submission!

And that woven necklace is amazing! Nice work - so unique!