The installation of a landscape design project

This is the before shot, photos of the progress follow, scroll down and read along :)

I'm always amazed by the changes and amazing improvement that a proper landscape can bring to a persons household and well being. It's really not just plants, it's a whole new way of looking at the outdoors.

This is a little photo journal of the current project designed and installed by Ginkgo Landscape Design. There is quite a lot of planning that is done prior to what you see here. It is of utmost importance that the actual design will work properly to give the client something that they didn't even know could make such a drastic difference in their lives.
Most designs, and this one in particular, involved moving a considerable amount of soil. It's about this time that the client may become distressed. I am considering handing out a little booklet that explains how they will feel at certain stages as the similarities are rather interesting. These are not small projects and the first stages take some time to complete. It is essential to time according to the weather when it comes to the pouring of concrete and application of stucco. The weather does not always cooperate.
Below: The hardscape (think concrete/stone) is layed out according to the plans and final stages of actual soil relocation are completed. It is essential that measurements are accurate as this is the last time that minor adjustments can be made. This design included a circular patio surrounded by concrete seat walls, so the circle has to be perfect.
The forms are constructed according to the plan measurements.

Concrete was poured and railing posts were installed. It is monitored closely to determine the appropriate time to remove the forms .

The forms are removed holes filled and wall caps are set onto the walls. This is the point at which I become exited to complete the designs. The sandset patio is finalized. A stucco color is chosen by the homeowners.

Also included in this design was one of the signature curvy paths. Every design element has a purpose for its use. Most designs include more design elements than are ultimately decided on by the client. We do however install the designs in such a way that those other items can be more easily adapted if the client decides to include them at a later time. Not all of the installations are completed all at once since they can be costly, we are able to do them in several stages.
The soil that was removed is used again as backfill after the stucco is applied to the concrete walls. The irrigation was installed with the forms and is ready to be layed in to properly water the plants. It is essential to properly care for the plants, for this reason we add irrigation and an electronic watering system to every design. No need to worry about watering too little or too much, or going on vacation and having plants die. Just bring in the timer for the winter to protect it from freezing.
So that is it so far. Stay tuned for more, and let me know if you have questions... or need a design for your garden.

We expect to complete by the end of July if not sooner. I'll have more photos!


Cherry Lane Jane said...

That looks great! I would love a backyard makeover:)

Periwinkle Studio said...

I can't wait to see it finished! It looks great so far! When you are done, could you come and do mine? :)

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