Leaves make me happy!

Throughout my browsing on Etsy I have found many wonderful things. I do have a pet peeve though. Many of the photos of plants are not descriptive. As a person particularly enamored by plant types and leaf shapes, I appreciate it greatly when sellers detail what the items are compiled from.

I was delighted when I found this seller! Leaves of Clay describes what types of leaves she uses in her pottery. Pottery! I love that too.... so this is a win win for everyone who likes both.

She describes, "The leaves used were queen anne's lace, nasturtium, sensitive fern, morning glory, ragweed, beggartick, honeysuckle, hops, nettle, trumpet vine, japanese maple, red maple, evening primrose, forsythia and a honesty seed pod."

She even does beads and buttons! Holy moley!


LaMia Designs said...

oh my goodness, how lovely!this is absolutely beautiful!


Maggie said...

that is beautiful, thanks for sharing about it.

shannon said...

Oh my god, that is amazing.