Do not step, walkway in progress

More progress photos from the current installation for our clients. Even more photos and info at the Ginkgo Landscape Design website here.

Someone has been walking on my sand! It's okay, friends come along as they are interested as well. In fact, it's kind of fun to check out who it may have been. We know there is a local black kitty who likes to check in from time to time. I appreciate the kitty breaks too.

This evidence was left by raccoons. They stepped in several of our other sand piles too. I think it's cute.
So we have gotten the actual path done, but are working on the landing and small area that steps down to the basement. Now, this is unfinished, so keep that in mind. It still needs a final machine compaction and some polymer sand to fill the gaps and set everything in place. In the mean time no one is allowed to walk on it. Okay, we walk on it with flat feet a special way (which kinda looks odd). High heels would make a mess of it though, tapdancing would not be good.In the mean time, here is another bit of the puzzle that has been completed. It's a little vine arbor for the veggie garden. Again, post on pipe set with a notched trellis that matches the rest of the garden. This one has stainless tension wires running thru the posts for whatever climbing goodies want to ramble up. We expect to complete the pathway on Monday (weather permitting). Then it's on to more dirt! Then plants, irrigation and top dressing... :)


Waterrose said...

How beautiful! I looked at your website and loved looking at the portfolio....the before and afters are so dramatic!

YoursTruli said...

wow this is really fantastic! I know you can not wait till it is all done for you to enjoy :)

Licia said...

Lol, I cannot wait to get it done and get outta there actually. It's been a long time and the house is 100 years old so there are lots of interesting goings on (and buried goodies) there. We actually found a cowbell! It was an old farmhouse. There were cows :)

We don't live there, our house gets a partial design next, that's the one I am excited about :)