Creating my own wedding jewelry

Sneak peak peeps!

So now that I know what the dress is going to look like I can finally start working on my necklace. My favorite part is that it has a low back, so I am going to take advantage of that part. I always feel like the back of a necklace should be just as fantastic as the front.
Here are my preliminary drawings that I started with. I'm working on bending wire and will get some photos of that part soon too. I have to decide on what stones I will use as well... I'm not sure yet but I may just use little tiny cream pearls.

Open to ideas too, leave them in a comment ;)


niftyknits said...

Oh no ideas from me, just much admiration. I think this jewellery will be a family heirloom.

livjewellery said...

My wedding dress had a very low back with scalloped edge. I wish I had thought of a necklace that accentuated it - what a great idea! I will watch for pictures of your finished jewellery. I wasn't making jewellery back in '98 when I got married - I wish I had been though. Oh well, now at least I can make wedding jewellery for friends.

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