Wedding necklace in progress

It's not easy to do the crazy wire wrapping and avoid destroying my nails in the process. Here is what I have so far. Each piece is formed using a jig and then finish formed by hand, then hammered and wrapped onto it's section of leaves. Then they area all linked together (so hard to get everyone to hang just so!)

After they are linked I am adding itty bitty off white freshwater pearls between the sections. It hangs about halfway down the back.

I still am not sure if I want the long back to have a gemstone dangle at the end... opinions? Maybe the pearls should "fizzle out" in a chain... maybe both pearls and a gemstone. In any case, I feel like it needs to come more to a point at the back.

Here is the front, still needs the pearls though. I'm wrapping throughout the day.

And I still need to decide a design for earrings and a bracelet! Oooh, should I do an anklet? I could do a simple one for everyday too since noone will see it at the wedding...

Comments, suggestions, opinions!! :)


Kim said...

that is awesome!

Webster said...
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Amy Nicole/RubyMtnBeads said...

Beautiful wire work!

Marsha Wiest-Hines said...

Love the shapes! They look to me like half of a heart, that might be whole if they were not staggered. I cannot imagine your nails. I think wire work hurts! Beautiful, and I love the idea a fizzling pearls at the nape. We mostly look at the bride from the back at a wedding, so it should be special.

S said...

maybe a silly question, but how do you plan to keep it in place? With a long back, it will be heavier back there... seems to me you'll end up with it looking like a choker in the front, right up against your neck?

Other than this issue, I love the concept, and its looking gorgeous so far! Good work!

Licia said...

It stays just fine because of the custom bends in the wire. It's balanced too. I have my ways ;)

jewelry by NaLa said...

Hi Licia!
This necklace is positively gorgeous!

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