Pantone Spring color trends for 2011

Each year fashion designers converge in New York City to partake in New York Fashion Week and each year the top colors are forecast for the following season. Following are their chosen colors and just a few selections from the over 400 jewelry options at the LiciaBeads online store.

A tip to fellow sellers, if the color applies to your item, don't miss out on using it in the description or tagging! I've been contacted by a writer from Niche and American Style Magazines to have Honeysuckle included in an article. I'll keep you posted how it turns out!

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Healing Hues Art - Positive Paintings for Healing, Rejuvenation and Joy! said...

Thanks for the update! The colors all together are a balanced palette.

sharon said...

Greta blog, and love your jewelry and stones!

J'adore Dior said...

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