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Wallingford Garden Tour 2008

Yesterday we were fortunate enough to have one of our competed designs included in the Wallingford Garden Tour in Seattle. The turn out was very good and we heard that they sold over 200 tickets.

Many people enjoyed the garden and it was great to see the pathways full of people and watch the kids run up and down the curves. They also enjoyed the goldfish that the homeowners had in their water basin.

The plants that most people seemed to ask about were the "Peanut Butter Plant" as it has been called. It is the Melianthus Major, and it has fantastic foliage that smells just like peanut butter. Despite being such a familiar plant, sometimes one can still not place the smell...Also, the Cotinus "Grace" Smokebush was asked about several times as this particular variety is redder in color and has larger leaves. Many people also liked the Katsura tree (Cercidiphyllum japonicum) in the parking strip.It's nice to see a garden at a particular point in time, but the real treat is being able to watch it on a regular basis to see all the facets of it's growth.

What's even better? If you want one, you can have one too.

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Tommie said...

wow this garden looks soooo good!!!!