Impressions in stucco

So, things are coming along. We are happy to have completed the stucco portion of the top level raised garden beds today. Fall is upon us, and winter is not far behind. I have taken some photos of the flowers and plants that refuse to let go of the summer, and will post them in the blog during the winter as a reminder of the warmer days.

For now, here are the planters that are newly completed. It takes a little while for the final color to set in as the stucco "matures" it changes and gains even more character. I love that about real stucco. There are so many new buildings that have the fake stuff that has none of the characteristics of actual hand applied stucco. I'm impressed when I see a building that does have it. (There is one in downtown Edmonds where we live, it looks great!)

In addition to the stucco, I like to put in leaf impressions from plants around the garden. This is one from the first set of planters. It's a Geranium leaf. The caps on these planters were done in a mold that we made, they also have impressions.

And as we looked into the planter that will be the water garden, we found that we are not the only ones making impressions. It's nice to have the approval of our garden critters.


Nancy Merkle said...

These garden beds are turning out wonderful!

Field Notes said...

The leaf impression looks wonderfully detailed. The whole project looks amazing, but I love that little leaf detail.

Christina Silverio said...

Those are so beautiful. I love the leaf impression; gorgeous!

piggy said...

The leaf impression is amazing! So beautiful!