More construction, my day job...

Steel toed boots by day, faceted gemstones by night.

So this is what has been going on at Ginkgo Landscape Design. After plenty of soil relocation and form construction and removal, it's a wall. It is going to hold back the soil so that the clients can have some pretty plants to match the design that we did for the front garden a few years ago. The old "wall" and fence was pretty much falling down. I take issue with those who construct fences that fall down. This fence, will not fall down.

We like to build things that will stand the test of time and withstand the elements. This is the newest creation. It's simple, basic and suits its purpose. The clients no longer have to worry about a slippery muddy bank, and have a useful garden space above their new retaining wall. A well constructed fence gives them privacy and a nice backdrop for their newly installed plants.

The boards used for this fence were custom milled from naturally windfelled ceder on my uncles property and are a full 3/4 inches. It's an organic, free range, fence!

If you want to see the fancy stuff, we do that too. Just check the before and after portfolio here: Ginkgo Landscape Design

Updated photos of completed design are below:

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