Earth plaster is complete!

Yay! It's done in time for Christmas! The party is postponed due to inclement weather though. Which is fine because so have been my UPS shipments from Amazon.

Here is a rather poor photo of the room (I'll work on it). We are also working on a wall in the dining room as well. It really adds to the warmth, and I like it.
Maggie enjoys the new sittable window sills. She doesn't usually allow me to photograph her, so she must really like them. Another thing we want to do to this room is add large saltillo tiles after installing radiant floor heat. That project may take a while. Ultimetly we want new flooring and radiant heat housewide.

In the meantime, it has been snowing outside. We took a snowy 5 mile walk back and forth to the grocery store for something other than canned food. I am looking forward to a salad. Its been 3 weeks since we had been to the store. We got as much as we could carry and when we got home, cleaned the snow off the greenhouse. I was suprized at how much weight it could handle, but didn't want to continue to test it.
They are forecasting more snow, but we hope that it clears well enough by Sunday to have family over for the delayed Christmas party. I'll keep you posted of course.

Merry and Happy everyone!


dkjewels said...

Good you got food after the apple post i was worried youde starve and ide have to use ninja skillz to break through the snow and feed you!

missknits said...

oh wow! i hope you get a break in the weather sometime soon! i think i would be going stir crazy being couped up in so much snow! the work you did on your living room looks fantastic by the way too!