A week till Christmas, lets rennovate!

No biggie right? The thing is, the Christmas party is at our house this year. I'll keep you updated at the progress. This was the first step. I used the ladder to put the lights on the tree while I could.

So step one was taping up the wall and ceiling.

Also, the windows are great and arched and I love that, but the poorly crafted details really detract from the beauty of them, so we are gonna "punch it up" with some custom framing.

See, that's better! The mud is on, drying and soon we do the first coat of primer for the plaster. We have used stucco extensively in the landscape designs, but have not had the opportunity to do interior clay plaster. This will be quite the event. I think I can do it.... I can do stucco, I can work clay... never put it on walls though.

What's a window without a big thick deep windowsill. And I really like to see the silhouette of a kitty in a window. So this is for the cats, and I'm sure they will love to watch the outside from here. The new rough sawn sills will be 6.5 inches deep. We are staining them a dark brown. The wood is blown down (organic, free range?) cedar from my uncles property. He custom cuts it for us and it's beautiful! So that's what is completed for now. The hardest part is remaining patient while we wait for things to dry during certain steps in the process. It's on it's way though! Stay tuned!


Pegasus Handmade Soaps said...

Very nice I like the new look of the windows. I have only been in my new home for about 6 months now and it still looks pretty empty.I am not much of a decorator so it will be like this for awhile LOL

JuliaA said...

those windows are so pretty, and the frame really emphasizes them nicely.

dkjewels said...

lookin good mommasita!

June Shin said...

Those windows are great!

Waterrose said...

Oh you are brave to begin renovating so close to christmas.... The window looks great and I'm sure the cats will be pleased!