Sterling Wire wrapping project (#2)

The progress is coming along with the wire wrapping. One of the things I notice with my work is that the wire wrapped portion tends to look more like a pendant. I'm working on trying to incorporate it into the necklace so that everything fits together onto the necklace itself.

I've done some additional sketches that include a full scale "traced" original. You can see my progress on the actual work in the photo also. I tend to change things and work it out as I go along, for me it's a fluid process.

I've chosen a preliminary selection of Peridot, Phrenite, and Spessartite Garnet for the gemstones, but might change that up too. :)


Joyce said...

cant wait to see the finished necklace!

Gypsy Rose Creations said...

Gorgeous. Keep us posted.

Studio B (UberArt) said...

Oh wow, that's wonderful! It looks like a lot of work!