Sterling Wire wrapping project (#3)

The main portion of the necklace is coming along. I have decided to include some Spessartite Garnets that I have been hoarding. They are a delicious sparkling bright orange. I'm still not quite sure what to put with them...

I put the beads on a separate wire than the wrapping one because I want them all to face with the faceting forward rather than wrap them directly in with the work. If you have wrapped before, or looked around at work, this will probably make more sense to you. There are so many ways to do things that sometimes it gets complicated. :)
This is where I am so far... and I can feel myself getting stuck. It's natural that along the way the inspiration slows because I don't want to "try something" and mess it up. There is a little more wrapping to be done to get it stable to the point that it can handle being worn and the additional stones that will go onto it. I have to figure out what kind of chain to make too. I want it to look rather substantial and have enough visual weight to balance out the central pendant.

Have a lovey weekend all, I'll get back to it!