Chiquita does it better

My parents have hens. I make it a regular habit to raid the nest boxes for a few eggs. Most of the girls lay a nice sized egg, but Chiquita has always layed a big giant blue one. She goes above and beyond. Initially she was the runt, a little different from the others, quicker to catch on and first to notice treats.

We hope to have our own chickens someday so that I will not have to steal from ma and pa. (Or maybe I still will). They are fun to watch and very helpful in the garden in many ways. I'll spare you the grand details.

The only problem, and not with the chicken herself, is that they don't make egg boxes big enough and all those recipes are set for little store eggs... thanks Chiquita for being so eggceptional.

I am still waiting for a call from my parents wondering where the eggs are. I dunno ma, but I baked some cookies for ya.


Happy Cloud Moments said...

O wow! That is one big egg!!! My grandparents had a farm and I used to get fresh eggs too :) The good old days!

ikkinlala said...

Wow, that's quite a difference! Do the big eggs have double yolks?

Shaunna said...

Farm eggs are usually bigger (at least ours are) than store eggs but that ones a monster!
Yum yum farm fresh!
My mom will usually use 1 farm egg versus 2 store eggs. That one looks like 4.... hahaha.

twenty pound tabby said...

Wow! My little hens lay eggs that are smaller than those from the store, but they are banties.
I was surprised to get some eggs lately since the hens are now 13 years old.