Get the good stuff, it lists first!

This is your official advanced warning of new items that will be listing in my shop soon. They will be patiently waiting to be adopted in the Vault section of my LiciaBeads store.

Next month I hope to attend a local gemshow. I will consider your gemmy wishes while I am there if you let me know what you are interested in. I don't have a huge budget for it, but I would love to know what you are looking for and will try to accommodate.

In the meantime, gemstone purchases will mostly be going toward adding more gemstones for purchase. It seems to be working well, and I really do appreciate everyones support in my endeavors to bring you these little treasures.

I must say I am loving the creations that are being made from them! If you just want to hoard them, that is okay too. I understand completely!

Listing soon:

*Cape Amethyst micro faceted
roundels, 7mm gems with great lilac color and just beautiful stones, very uniform too. These are the nicest, and biggest I have ever had.
*Smokey Quartz faceted roundels, 8mm very uniform in color, if chocolate were a gemstone... these are them.
*Rainbow Fluorite faceted roundels, 8mm with some great dark purples and wonderful aqua. I am considering selling them by matched color, let me know what you think.
*Rock Crystal faceted rounds, 10mm gemstones with out of this world faceting! 128 facets in these crisp clean white stones with great clarity.
*Amazonite faceted roundels, 6mm A grade stones. My first Amazonite. There are some minor irregularities just due to the character of the stone itself. I will be sorting out the best first. They have a great opaque aqua color.
*Cubic Zirconia Briolettes because they are just so perdy. I only bought a few of these. I have 6 pear faceted briolettes (6X9mm) in a sparkly peridot green color (cause it's my favorite). I also have 4 faceted long drops in crystal clear 7x18mm.

If you already know you want something, let me know so that I can reserve it for you! Sometimes these things go fast!


Shaunna said...

Purple Purple Purple :)

Licia said...

Purple is on it's way :)