And that's where the fence is sposedtabe.

It was a little funny when we looked down the property line... er at least the fence line at the time and saw an obvious curve toward our side. The plan is to install an elaborate landscape in time, so a survey was in order anyway. Next step, put the fence where it goes and remove the old one.
And there you have it. With free range organic blown down, or flood transported lumber sawn by my Uncle, yup, that makes it special. (If you don't know about my "oddity" already, you need to read back.)

A temporary bonus feature of taking down the old fence was the grass dock to play on. No, not for the kids, for me. Again, "oddity". You gotta have fun peeps :)

On with the garden! The greenhouse update: James has added an irrigation system to the greenhouse that we will have on timer to make happy seeds. Soon there will be several misters hanging from the walls and roof.
That's what we are up to. Hey, you need a greenhouse? We got ours from Charlie.

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just found your awesome blog... so glad I popped in for a visit..

I'm kinda jealous of your awesome greenhouse... :):) ok very !

have a great week ..
mona & the girls