New bead stock soon...

So you may not be into all the fancy rocklike beads. Maybe you like glass beads and other sparkly things. I have some that I will be listing soon.

Cubes in colored crystal and fiber optics, as well as round miracle beads, pressed glass leaves and flowers and an assortment of Chinese cut crystal rondelles. I will still be listing the gemstones too, so don't worry, I am not even close to out of those. Spring is here, and we are going pastel. I hope you approve, cause I am winging it :)

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Ashley said...

I totally agree. I would love to see some Czech rivoli beads (with the hole through the center). Hmm... what else? I love Czech Picasso Gem Cuts, and I love 10-12 mm rondelles. I would also love to see some handmade brass ear wires ;)

Ok I think I am done now Licia! lol