Clean slate and compost, the blank garden

OOooh, look at the potential! My parents came over and everyone helped to make this dirt. It was a pile of weeds, viney stuff and a big stump, but now it is a bed of sunflowers, sweet peas, zucchini, pumpkins... Wait, you cannot see that? Just wait, I'll get there and Ill get you a photo too.
In the background James was putting things in the bog garden. That planter is filled with rainwater and 20 fishes. We cannot see the fishes anymore, they are good hiders. Sometimes there is a flash of golden fishy though.

In addition to the blank slate of a garden plot, we have a new set of compost bins! The compost was already there, but now we have them a little more contained/disguized. It will be even better when the honeysuckle grows on the little trellis. I also plan on growing some "good bug blend" to encourage... well, good bugs like honeybees and things. We had a low bee year last year so the plants were poorly polinated. I really prefer the insects to do the polinating since they are better at it. Hopefully this year it will be better.
So yeah, that is where we toss our food waste and biodegradeables. We don't toss paperwaste there anymore though because the crows spread it around. Somehow they are impressed with paper towels.

Happy weekend all!

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niftyknits said...

oh what fun - there's something intoxicating about a blank canvas (or a full wool stash, in my case!)