Here fishy fishy

We have pets! Are fish pets? Or maybe in the process of getting fish, we will acquire pet raccoons. Those are always fun to watch amble around the garden. So here they are, our poor unnamed fish. Don't feel bad for them, they have quite the spacious new house with gourmet organic meals served live. Now they just need to learn to hunt, and hide. Not to worry, fish classes are being held for this purpose.
There are currently 20 students and they have a much bigger place to swim and plenty of buggie things to munch on. Although really, I don't see them munch, they just kinda suck things up in their round little mouth holes. Fish eat funny.We put them in their new tank and they swim around being investigatory (see my personal dictionary) and learning about their hiding spots. I don't know if a raccoon, duck or anything else will bother with them, but I hope they know what the hidey holes are about and go there to save themselves if need be.

They seem happy. Yup, they smile. :)

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Karen Gill said...

I like the one with the black mohawk.

Good fortune with that!!