I saw you at the Edmonds Art Festival!

Okay, so here I am browsing around the Edmonds (near Seattle) Art Festival and I swear I have seen these things before! It's like Etsy live and it was fantastic to see things up close and in person. I bought some things too, and it was fun. For the longest time I have been looking for a wall pocket for flowers. As a cat mama I have to keep exciting looking things off the tables, so table vases don't really get used anymore, but I have plenty of flowers to cut and bring inside.

I was browsing and found some that I swear I had seen before. When I got home, I checked the website printed on the "brand new from the box" business cards and he totally has an Etsy shop. One I had already hearted :) (And he's really nice too!)
I got myself a wall vase and James went back for something I had been eying since I turn 33 soon.

Among the other artists that were there, some of whom sell on Etsy:
Convergence Design (Etsy Shop)Abraxus Crow Company
Great dimensional metal sculpture featuring crows, but they have lots more too!

Marcio Diaz
Phenomenal Nicaraguan artist. His abstract paintings are really unique and striking. You just have to see them in person, they really are great!

Stubborn Design Works by Melissa Stiles
Bold nature inspired colors and patterns set into silver, and wonderful felt bags

Deborah Bridges of Sacred Stone
Stay tuned, this WILL be in our garden one of these days. James was thinking submerged into the pond. Oooh, spooky :)

William Vanscoy
I would love to stare at one of his works some day. Each year we look at his booth and hope that at one point we will get to bring one home.

It was fun, there was lots to see, and many calories to consume. I wore my TP necklace and passed out some cards to those who commented. I bought a few things too, it's only right to support fellow artists. So next time you are at a fair, buy a little something :)

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