Leafing an impression :)

Continuation of a landscape design installation in sunny (?) Seattle Washington.
Its done! Okay, a small portion is done, but that counts. (And the flower doesn't stink anymore.)
Another great thing about stucco is it has a life of it's own. It draws on the light around it and really reflects depending on the texture and stroke that it was applied with. It even ages, like a fine wine. As it wears, it develops a efflorescence as the minerals come to the surface. It's complicated but basically, it doesn't stay the same, and most people are used to things staying somewhat constant. We have to let people know ahead of time when they choose stucco as a material that it is not anything like paint, and it will change as it ages depending on the environment that it is in.
Oh, what are the holes in the wall? This planter is table height to make gardening easy for the client. As an added feature the walls have spots for removable kneeling boards (made with clear cedar) that can be placed into the holes.

The curve of the planter nestles into the curve of the patio. They like each other :) Irrigation has been prepped as well (that's the tubes that you see) and will be set on timers to make the garden as worry free as we can.Prepare for a personal rant: Timed irrigation is a must in the gardens we plant because really, do you want to go out at 10 and 3 every day to water each plant? No, you don't. You may say you do, but I am telling you... it's just a chore after a while. Plus, it's really fun to hear the irrigation do it's first little spurts of water when it goes on. AND! the landscape designer has each plant set to a certain watering so nothing is over or under watered. That is why you hire a professional. Bonus feature, we take out lawns. Because again, do you really want to spend your Saturdays mowing the lawn? (not to mention aerating, weeding, trimming, watering, and on and on when the lawn looks like....the way it does anyway, waste of time if you ask me. Yeah, I have an opinion :) Now if everyone would take out their lawns, we wouldn't have to listen to the mowers all day Saturday either. Okay, I'll quit and look back at the planter photos now :)

Yup. I want one.


Glorious Hats said...

Wow, this is beautiful result and fabulous work. Have really enjoyed reading the progress and progression of this project. Thanks for journaling it here.

kim* said...

so pertty