Big bold changes, coming soon!

It's almost time and I cannot wait! Okay, I can wait. I can wait because tomorrow is supposed to be ninety degrees out. That's 32.2 degrees for those of you who do things the easier way. We have been working in the heat and I have been feeling rather unladylike, but then again this is construction in hot temps. Maybe we should plant cacti.

So here is the completed patio, isn't she pretty!? I want one for my own garden and so far all we do is install them for other people. At least we have plenty of practice. With luck we will get to it this year, probably while it is snowing as it is when we don't have many "build me a garden" requests.

The circular paver patio was sealed with a semi porous material that sets the stones in place but can also be easily removed if necessary. The nest right into the raised garden planter. In time, as budget allows, there will be another planter set off the patio at which time some stones will be pulled to install that next planter. I don't want to think about it. :)

By the end of the day today the wall capstones were set on the wall, but It was 500 degrees out and I was a mess so I decided not to fuss with the camera. You will get your photo, don't worry. The process for making the capstones involves cutting a paver on each side so that they lay right next to each other just so. It takes all day, but it looks fantastic when they are so nice and tidy. We have them all layed where they are going, and tomorrow will be mortaring them in place so they become one with the wall. See a capped wall here. See lots of capped walls here.

(Wanna see the whole darn landscape website? We have one, with before and after shots, click the portfolio section)

Then.... comes the pretty part. We are experamenting with stucco colors and mediums to make samples. Another fun and exciting thing about the heat is certain stucco mediums don't do all that great when they are drying so darn fast. Lower temps and heavy overcast is my favorite for stucco. Strangely enough, that is the norm for Seattle. I don't know why it is 20 -30 degrees hotter than usual (or at least I am not going to go on about it here).

Here is one of the samples we were working with. I always like the more saturated colors best. The stand out and offer great contrast to the greenery.

Stay tuned :)

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Joyce said...

lol love that picture of the screamer and unsuspecting blocks