How to make a driveway dissapear:

Rarely do we get to unpave something and bring it back to life. Luckily our current client is doing just that! We spent considerable time busting up their circular drive that they were not using anyway so that it could be reclaimed as a garden space that they can enjoy every day.
We removed the asphalt with a pry bar and our gloved hands and removed the rock base below and are using it as a base for the raised planter and circular patio. Yup, it's reclaimed and recycled and all that jazz.

Step one was to move the driveway to the patio area (there are like 2 - 3 layers beneath that one, we've been busy). This raises the level so that the final stepping level will make for a reasonable step down from the garage door that will be installed at a later date.

One of the next steps, hide the driveway. All the rocks that were below the asphalt are now on top. Take that asphalt! A final base of 5/8 minus gravel was used to fine tune. We carefully leveled it so that it drains properly, final result will be porous but proper drainage is always important. Then we smash it all till it's perfect.
Then comes the sand. This part is always so pretty to me, which is good because it was too darn hot to work today and I was glad that there were some visible finished results. The sand is meticulously placed and leveled. Then the pavers are set on top according to the plan. I love the circular ones. I have ordered a circular patio for my house, and it's on the plans :)
So the pavers will nest perfectly into the curve of the wall, see what planning can do?!

So that is what we did these last few days, it's coming along. The pretty stucco part is next week, so if you are watching me (stalker!) then get ready for that. It takes a lot of effort to get these designs planned, started and scheduled just right, but here is the sneak peak of one in process. Hope you like it!

I cannot wait for mine!!

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Joyce said...

wow looks like a lot of work!