Bat house in the garden

Yay, a mini project done! For the longest time (three years about) we have wanted a bat house. Bats are really great for the garden and surrounding areas, plus they eat bugs that I am not fond of. So there we have it!

It stands about ten feet tall, and if the Giant Sunflowers reach their maximum height, it will not be the tallest thing in the garden. I enjoy giant 12 foot tall sunflowers.

This is the link to the pdf of the plans . Or, if you are less inclined to actually build one yourself, they sell them too.

I will keep you updated on any bat activity. I know that sometimes it takes a year or two to entice new residents. There are bats in the area already though.

I also plan on doing a little more decoration of the box, cause it's just so plain. I'll be checking around Etsy for some fun outdoor things that I can add to the box.

Learn more about bats at the Bats Northwest website.


Enchanted Beads said...

I love BATS! Congratulations, Licia!

Bluebirdcrafts said...

What a wonderful project! Congratulations to you! Bats are the coolest I think they are so cute!!! I hope you have lots of furry flying residents soon :)!

Nemesis_Productions said...

Bats rule. 'Nuff said.