It's like a baby prediction in my coffee!

Peeps: What Licia? Yer crazy.

Licia: Yes, I know but it keeps me entertained. I find my fun where I can peeps.

So, see that? Totally a bird in my coffee right?
Well just a few days ago a new event happened! Okay it may not look like much, just a bunch of sticks that got into our concrete tools bin over the winter, but just a few days ago it started peeping! James found it when he went to get his bin for that job we are doing and a bird flew out at him and there were 4 tiny little white eggs in it.

The cutest little highly suspicious spastic flitting little tiny wrens go into that box with all manner of yummie bugs. And the tiniest sounds come from that box, very cute. We leave the box where it is and let them go about their rearing :)

To keep the memory of the cute little birdies in the bin, I bought this from the front page on Etsy. I like to have little handmade reminders. (It's by SpoolDesign.)

That is a cup of coffee in a cup of coffee, is it not? Totally is!
The coffee cup is great, and you can get them from Willow Tree Designs if you want one. Keeps my coffee warmer longer and I like how it feels.

Happy weekend all :)


Sophie said...

looks nice! btw, off to get some coffee! Your post gave me coffee craving!

Sophie ^-^

Karen Gill said...

Sweet, I love birdies. Wrens are one of my faves. Coffee looks yummy too!

Bluebirdcrafts said...

Off to make coffee and look for birds ;P ! Actually it looks like a seagull :)

Ni-Chern Designs said...

i can totally see what you're talking about in the coffee!!! very cool!

glassidentities said...

your coffee is totally cool.. I dont think mine is very creative or artistic at all.. might have to have a talk with it :)

Krystle said...

Whoa! its like the tea leaves thing only in ur JOE!