Look! Progress!

I told you we would make it look like something! This is the point where we have to say, "It's not done yet". It's like at the point when the drywall is put up in your house and has all these seams and tape all over it... ya gotta wait, cause it's not done yet. It's gonna look cool.... patience!

So the very first step after "laying the courses" is already done is patching the seams and filling gaps where they are significant. Because we are making a curved structure out of squareish blocks there are a few places that will overlap and you can see the faceting of the blocks (see, just like gemstones with the faceting!) . Yesterday we did the outside coat of quickwall which adds a very strong "skin" to the blocks and eliminates the faceting. Today we do the inside and get started on filling certain areas to prep for seat boards. There will be boards with posts that fit into the side of the wall for seating and helping work in the planter. These planters are taller than our own since table height (that is what these are built too) is a better height all around for working. That's why tables are that high. It's best. 9/10 table makers agree :)

So then we get to put on the caps and do the finish stucco in the clients chosen favorite colors. Then we get to do the circular patio that nests right into the facing curve on the photo. It's gonna be great!

The pavers and caps get in on Tuesday! I cannot wait!


Shana said...

Wow. That's looking pretty cool!

Kimberly said...

This looks great. Wish I had more time in each of my days....the possibilities would be endless!

Karen Gill hidingplacebeadery.etsy.com said...

Fascinating! Can't wait to see the result.