Do you wear your own jewelry? Yup, here they are...

I have always asked and been asked in the "people who make stuff for others" world, "Do you wear your own work?" While plenty of people create for others, and tend to respond to their market or don't wear certain styles they create for that market, I do find that most have something that they use themselves.

I create jewelry, from beads, paper, wood, glass, gemstones, fiber, pearls, etc. If it has a hole in it, the likelihood that I am going to string it is 100%. If it doesn't, I can still get it on a string it's just more of a challenge. If it's a little odd, I like it. If it is very expensive and cost restrictive, I need to have it. If I am sure it will take forever to make, I have to try.

Here are my most common items that I made and wear.

Simple largish Lemon Quartz faceted briolettes on sterling silver.
Grossular Garnet (that's the green kind) ovals simply wired into a sterling chain.I had to have this bead in the center.... It's glass made by ScottyBeads who lives about an hour from me. I would totally knock on his door someday for a bead handout :)

Doesn't it look like Jupiter? Anyway, I like it and I actually have another version of the pendant for sale in my shop. It's called 42 moons. The silver looking stuff is all sterling cause that's how I roll. I started weaving about 18 years ago and I really like to do it but it takes a long time which makes it somewhat cost restrictive for buyers. This one is a simple diamond weave pattern in turquoise (glass beads) and soft blue. The weaving has since developed into all manner of silliness if you have seen my shop...I was looking thru my beads one day as I sorted my purchases and came across this aweful bead! It had all kinds of extra holes and I loved it! I know some someone elses who would have been like, hey, I'll take that off your hands. Beads with extra holes - cool.
These are just some sweet little yellow dangley things that I made one day. The chain that I got from a big retailer had been messed up and I had like 2 inches of good chain, then 10 inches of smashed chain before it got nice again. So I made these with some more great glass beads from LindenAvenueDesignsThis one I had been working on and when I got done with the wirework I had originally intended on adding gemstones to it. Well... I had an event to go to so I put it on a quick string of freshwater pearls and that is how it has remained. I like it... and it took a while to get together with all it's seperate pieces so I kinda figured I would not easily sell it for the price I would put it at. So.... I kept it.Hey! If you must have something that you see above, it's totally possible, just ask me!


janet in ft worth said...

Those are wonderful pieces, Licia. I have a few things that I've made to wear myself, but I figure if something doesn't sell in my shop after giving it some time (I haven't decided how much time yet), then it will be mine. I've really been thinking that I should be wearing more of my own work in hopes of sparking some interest locally.

Joyce said...

Love that last piece!!

Drea said...

I totally would have taken that multi holed bead off your hands. LOL.

...I keep meaning to make myself stuff to wear, but I dunno... it feels weird. Maybe someday if I go hobknobbing with the snooty folks, I'll load myself up with my jewelry and pack my purse full of business cards. haha..

I LOVE THE STUFF YOU MAKE! Its always awesome.

Stacy said...

I *LOVE* the Jupiter/42 Moons necklace!!! Fabulous