You asked for it!

Of course, I got more than you asked for just in case.

Big pristine lemon quartz perfectly faceted drops. Totally keeping one for myself.
More Rondelle Sonata in A stones for my most popular 20 of each in a rainbow of flavors.
Special requests for great rutilated quartz and large flasytastic labradorite. Onion shapes too!Wonderful smooth Prasiolite and garnet, micro faceted amethyst onions, and ah, my first London Blue Topaz.
Some larger rondelles and faceted shapes, yum!
AND! That's not even close to being all! Want something you see? Let me know and I get get to it faster for you... cvause you may just want to purchase it while I am having the August Sale!


Drea said...

OMG. *feels her paypal emptying*

Krystle said...

i want um all!