Playing in the wire again, thinking about handing out beads

Gotta love filigree! It takes a while to actually make it from wire but man is it ever cool! I get a little excited over the beads and wire... So anyway, I always liked the look of that old fashioned lacy filigree that is meant to embellish a central focus. And we know (we do at my house) that is a good element in design to have "strong centers". I'll do a blog post about the elements of design later on. For now I am too overly excited and beady eyed.

It doesn't help that I am going to a gem show in a couple of weeks. Which is why I am having the BIG SALE in my Vault shop to make way for the new things. But my followers already know that and subscribe to the newsletter for the even better deals... right followers?

I was thinking about having another $50 gemstone bead giveaway too... good idea? Are you watching?

I'm also gardening. Well, when I have the time to actually garden at my house I am anyway. I was inspired by the peas. Neither of these projects are complete ( you know you have 10 started too!) but one of these days as the inspiration flows I am sure they will develop.
Have a great weekend!


janet in ft worth said...

Love the pea-inspired piece! Can't wait to see how it turns out.

SCJ Jewelry Design said...

Love the pea design - how sweet is that!