Etsy things that scream "mom!"

So, some of you know my parents. Well, Krista (sis) who reads this does anyway. Maybe a few others, I have no idea really who reads this.

I am going to make the (not so bold) assumption that mom has no idea how to get to my blog, doesn't know the address to it, and will not ask the librarian how to do it.

There are some things on Etsy that my mom really needs. See, they (my parents) don't spend money on many things and it leads to an interesting re purposing of items around the house. I guess it keeps things interesting and leads to conversation. My half of the conversation usually goes like this "Why don't you just spend $5 and get something that works?" To which the reply would be "This works great!"

I'm here to tell you, it doesn't work great. Sometimes it doesn't work at all.

This has led to me purchasing several little things for them occasionally. I did get them a big thing once, and that was just a waste. Remember when DVD's came out (lets date ourselves now)? Well my parents (who avoid R rated movies) were still trying to find VHS compatible media to watch. Dad would come home from the thrift store with a very old, hardly playable movie to watch. Then every few minutes he would have to fuss with the player to get the darn thing to play properly.

This would drive me nuts! So for the holidays one year I got them something that I thought would be great, a VCR/DVD combo! Then dad could watch "Overboard, with Goldie Hawn" to his hearts content. It works perfectly, came with a remote that could work the TV also, but do they use it.... no. Somehow, they have stopped watching movies altogether! I would too if my TV didn't get "red". It seriously is all green and yellow... I suppose if it really bothers them they can watch the black and white 12 inch that they have. Just like the good old days.

So, this leads me to my other point. My mother uses an old blue sock to keep her glasses in. I mean, that is great and all that she is reusing the sock... and it does lead to conversations among the family... but I found a reasonable other option so that the poor sock can finally retire to sock heaven...
It even has chickens on it Ma! Whats not to love!

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Anonymous said...

Okay, this anonymous person (Licia's sis) is soo telling on her to mom! Even though everything she said is way to true.