It's not so bad, you can use it to catch up on reading my blog!

What is this? Is it a scheduled downtime? Did someone break Etsy again?

I was going to update a few things, but alas, I guess it will have to wait till tomorrow. This gives everyone some time to either prepare their rants, or get caught up on those things that we should all be doing otherwise anyhow. (Aren't otherwise & anyhow great together! It could be a great store name.)

In any case, I hope that everyone is at least glancing at my shops and browsing my blog. I try to keep it light and refreshing... let me know if there is a subject that you would like to hear about.

I guess I get to bead (I have some great colors I am working with!) and watch Letterman drop a bunch of balls on a car. He's always up to something that seems interesting while I am sleepy. He should do eggs, but that would be a waste.

In any case, I hope that you get some things done and feel accomplished despite the Etsy downtime.

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spincus said...

just stopped in to say hi. I really need to set up a blog for personal use.