I want to know how much it costs to make!

Previously, I would just get over the fact that I had no idea what these beads cost. I would just have to guestimate what the cost was and cross my fingers that I was somewhat accurate.

However, I am starting a new thing. When a order arrives (which is a bit too often) I now price out the cost per bead. (It's funny, I do the same for my biodiesel MPG's.) As things get more costly, I want to keep closer track.

So, grab the string of beads, count them, divide the cost per string by the # of beads (and round up to the nearest penny for sanity's sake). Viola! Now you can tell the exact cost of the jewelry when you add up the bead costs.

Check out the good mess that Unwired created using this process. I don't have a pretty little computer program calculating the costs yet, but maybe in the future.

JJMFinance on etsy also has some great tools, and is a wonderful supporter of the etsy community!

So keep track! The future success of your business depends on it.

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BabyLyons said...

I calculate my costs too. I even figure out how much each iron-on costs. You've just got to know these things :)