And the Winner is!!!!!

There were 167 comments in total.

We.... Krista cut them up into strips and drew the winner....

Congratulations to... paintdropsflipflops !!!

Her entry dated the 7th of November at 8:12AM was the winner!

The item she indicated in her entry was the Rain Pendant on a sterling silver necklace.
Thanks to all who entered!
Please check back often.
I plan on doing more of these giveaway drawings in the future.


dkjewels said...

WTG! great contest!

Wende said...

Awesome!! Congrats! :D

CarmenNC said...

Congratulations, Paintdrop!!!

167 entries, wow, congrats to you to Licia!

paintdropsflipflops said...

Omgosh Omgosh! I won! YaY!!!!

What a FANTASTIC Prize, Thank You So Much! I'm very very Excited you have no idea! My Heart is bouncing off the walls!

This is the first time I have won anything since maybe first grade hehe! I'm in SHock~ I will be telling all my Friends For Sure! WOOT!

What a Fantastic Contest, You know it's an Amazing Shop when you actually can't decide which item to enter for because you love everything so much~ It was so hard to pick favorites but I'm really happy that it was this Necklace, It's Beautiful Licia! Thanks Again, Have a Fantastic Day Everyone!!!

**Paint Does an "I Won" dance with her Cat Around the Room and Slips with her Slippery Slippers into a bowl of Cat Water Therefor Drenching her new slippers and giving her soggy cold feet, But She's still Happy cos she can wash her slippers later and She WON! ~ YaY!**