Happy Turkey Day!

Ready for Turkey? Okay, so those are chickens. I don't have a picture of turkeys.

These are my parents "girls". They live in Seattle and bring us some beautiful blue, green and tan eggs every so often in exchange for our leftover egg carton containers. As an added bonus about once a year we go and get some garbage cans full of wonderful handmade (clawmade?) chicken compost for our garden. It's a wonderfully green little cycle we have going.

A fresh egg has some fantastic properties that those store bought eggs don't have. Despite us buying the naturally humane eggs (little tip: when it comes to eggs, look for the word humane). The girls' eggs still knock their socks off though when it comes to freshness, nutritional qualities, color, texture and holding their yolks and shape in a pan. As a bonus, they are lap chickens. (yup, lap chickens). Truly happy, free range, garden picken chickens (not at all like those "happy cows" they talk about from California). I'm all for you getting a chicken or two.

Plus, they are cute! Look at those little suspicious faces!

So, I currently have about 28 eggs due to the last visit to the "city chickens" and need to make something.... lemon meringue pie, angel food cake....

What uses lots of eggs?

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