I resolve to be organized!

Some may say I am already organized, like my sister (for example) who is, we will say, not so organized. I'm sure she thinks I'm a bit of a freak, but will not say anything because she tends to benefit from it.
So for those who do not already know that I am slightly obsessive with things, I'm laying it all out there. I spend much of my time keeping little tiny individuals in their place. Over the last... few years (we'll say) I have developed a favorite way to keep my beads in their place.

I love the clear glass top tins that I keep my flowers in. They come in a little square container with a foamy pad on the underside of the lid. My only complaint is that the container itself is not clear. But really, for the ease of storage they are one of my favorites.

They come in different sizes too, so they are good for the little beady things, and the bigger beady things.

Ya want some? (Yes you do!) Consider it your New Years Resolution gift to yourself. :) Just search in the containers section of my favorite online surplus store, they have some great things!
American Science and Surplus

Another little beauty of a box is this one that I found at a Asian market store. It's totally clear with a clear lid that fits over the top and it holds my seed beads perfectly! I have no idea where to find this online.

However, Tap Plastics has some great options that are very similar. It's really worth a look to find the perfect size container for your particular craft. They have retail stores as well as the online shop.

Then there are the flip top tic-tac style containers. So far they have held up to my gentle
use. I like these because they make it so easy to see what you are looking for! I have mine arranged by color so I can just pull out what I need in a second. They have actual little hinge buttons rather than the thin plastic fold over that always seems to eventually leave you with a lidless container.

These are becoming more widely available over the last few years. The prices are competitive too, which is nice to see. I get mine from Fusion Beads because of the free domestic shipping and they are local and nice people to do business with.
Another obsession I have, that feeds my need to be organized is to scrounge around and find boxes at garage sales and thrift stores. This is a cute little box that holds my unruly wire stash. It's an old Merle Norman box that I found at grandmas garage sale. I love that is is hinged and has a clear top. It's also very sturdy , which works great for the sire since it is a little heavier than the beads.

So there you have it, my bead storage methods. It's definitely worth it to be organized and know what you have. Cause noone want's to spend time looking for things when they could be crafting!


dkjewels said...

im addicted to the bead storage boxes so i can Group similar things. I then write each grouping on the putside and shelve then in abc order..... my packing stuff is in drawers by the type.. papers, padded envelopes, boxes etc. i love being organized :)

GrandmaMarilyns said...

Oh, how I wish I could be as organized as you. My stuff is everywhere and I haven't the faintest idea of what I have.

kim* said...

i want every color wire...i never thought id ever say that. i love organization too or i am lost.

Dave Robertson said...

Hi Licia, what a great idea for a post! And the illustrations show that getting organized has a side benefit... With the right bead storage, you can arrange your beads & stuff by color. It can really decorate a room!

June Shin said...

I like the idea of being organized, and getting all the stuff to get me organized, but don't execute as well as I'd like. Oh well.

Camera Girl said...

I got excited when I seen all of these beads brings back childhood memories!!

Sista said...

Okay, so I don't follow your blog for a while and this is what I get! Sista discrimination. I have not problem saying your a freak,you know it, I know it, it's really just the simple truth. And as far as benifiting from it... I'll see you at Thanksgiving where you can help me with that braclet. :)

Kim said...

*pout* REALLY like those containers. Been hunting around for ways to organize my "bigger" beads...I'm outside the us, so I can't order them. ah well...I love your blog :)